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Bioplastics: Are We on the Verge of Corporate Adoption?

Bioplastics are getting attention, as U.S companies increasingly embrace the concept of a circular economy that aims to create innovative, sustainable ways to reduce waste and preserve resources. Biodegradable plastics are made from renewable biologic substances, from plants to agricultural waste, rather than petroleum.

Their role is the focus of sessions at the upcoming First PHA platform World Congress, being organized by Bioplastics Magazine in Cologne, Germany, this September. PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates) are polyesters produced in nature that numerous microorganisms that serve as both a source of energy and as a carbon store. Bioplastics are used in films and rigid packaging, biomedical applications, automotive, consumer electronics, appliances, toys, glues and more.

New applications are on the horizon, along with technological innovations to increase the quality of bioplastic and enhance compostability to return nutrients to the soil.

American Diversified Energy (ADE) has highly qualified experts available to assist with securing grants and guaranteed loans and advancing projects that are developing new technologies and will produce bioplastics. Feel free to email us or call 202-750-0007 for more information.



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