Preparation for Pursuing Funding Opportunities

Preparation for Pursuing Funding Opportunities


Let American Diversified Energy's experts -- who include former government agency senior executives and administrators -- identify and match up current federal and state grant, loan, and loan guarantee financing opportunities, as well as private funding sources, with your project and its funding requirements.


Get advice on planning next steps and understanding what is involved in preparing the required information to submit applications for grants, loans, and loan guarantees; prepare attention-getting financial presentations; develop and produce eye-catching business publications; conduct due diligence, feasibility studies, environmental assessments, independent technical analyses, and marketing studies; and obtain pre-construction and engineering assistance.


Includes 25 hours of time to identify funding opportunities, prepare a list of funding opportunities with descriptions of each, go through each funding opportunity to explain these opportunities, and determine which opportunities are the best suited to your funding needs.


Also includes advice and guidance on what information and the level of detail that is required to satisfy the application, proposal and financial presentation requirements of lenders, investors and federal and state grant makers.