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Sustainable Biofuels for Airline Jets

Innovative efforts to create biojet fuel from a variety of sustainable materials–from sugar cane and potatoes to oil-rich feedstocks–are receiving increasing attention, opening the door wider to the potential for yet other biojet fuel projects.

The pressure on airlines to reduce carbon emissions has prompted strong interest in alternative jet fuels, which can be produced from a variety of biomass products. The press to generate results in this arena is one that is being felt around the globe: European guidelines have set an ambitious goal of 20 percent biofuel for all transport fuels by 2020.

A variety of experts are helping entrepreneurs and companies that are contemplating joining this surge or those that are moving toward commercializing products or technologies that would propel biojet fuel forward. They include experts with broad and deep knowledge of U.S. and international renewable energy and renewable biofuels. There are also bioenergy finance consultants and energy experts who can help perform renewable energy due diligence on proposals. Specialty experts can guide efforts to tap into the kinds of support and financing that will help ensure that good ideas reach the marketplace.

American Diversified Energy (ADE) gives you access to more than 150 highly qualified experts who can help with everything from due diligence to feasibility studies and securing grants and guaranteed loans. ADE also can provide assistance with financial presentations, project management, and market analyses. Feel free to contact or call us at 202-750-0007 for more information.



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