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Federal, State & Local Government Bids & Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Here's where you can find comprehensive lists of government RFPs & bid requests
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For lists of resources, go to:


The site may list as many as 30,000 different federal opportunities at one time. It is a vast resource that includes funding opportunities as well as current contracting, manufacturing and procurement opportunities for the entire federal government.


To locate funding, contracting and procurement opportunities, log into the home page by pressing the FedBizOpps button above. At the top of the page, near the bottom of the yellow field is a search button. To the right of the button is some small text that includes a link to the "advanced search form."


Use the form to specify your search criteria -- Place of Performance, if any; Set-Aside Code (i.e. which specifies the types of businesses for which a portion of opportunities are reserved, such as emerging small businesses, and veteran-owned and women-owned businesses); Opportunity/Procurement Type; and Key Words (such as "energy security," "solar energy," or "biofuels") or solicitation number.


The form also gives you the option to search by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) number and Classification Code (which lists the number codes for all of the types of products and services the federal government contracts for or procures on a regular basis).

Need help with local, state or federal government contracting? Here's where you can find help: 
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