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Is Biomass the Solution to Global Warming?

The advantages of using biomass as a source of energy are many. That is why biomass projects are now increasingly regarded as viable enterprises by entrepreneurs and investors.

Biomass—living or recently dead plants and animals and their waste—is abundant, unlike coal and petroleum, which have negative impacts on the environment, are expensive and hazardous to extract, and are not inexhaustible.

Among the many advantages of biomass: it is renewable and with proper conservation practices can be replaced over time after harvest; it is easily converted into concentrated high energy fuels, which are relatively clean burning; and the cost of producing biomass for use as fuels and energy sources is cheap compared to the cost of finding and extracting fossil fuels.

It is believed that wider use of biomass could restore balance to the carbon cycle, ultimately slowing global warming. Moreover, scientists are discovering additional advantages regularly as various applications mature.

Among biomass projects of note: the University of Iowa pioneered a unique source of biomass fuel—oat hulls—and is investigating and testing several other biomass fuels, including wood chips, to achieve its goal of a coal-free campus.

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