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Renewable Energy Companies

The International Energy Agency predicts a sunny renewable energy future. The expansion of clean energy technologies, coupled with falling costs and other factors, means that as the demand for energy worldwide grows by 30 percent between today and 2040, about 40 percent of that increased demand will be met by renewable energy sources.

Renewables are set to capture two-thirds of worldwide investment in power plants through the next two decades, the agency predicts, with solar photovoltaics becoming the largest source of low-carbon capacity by 2040. By that time, the share of all renewables in total power generation is expected to reach 40 percent.

Top renewable energy companies not only are founded on solid financials, but also have sophisticated sustainability programs, groundbreaking technologies and offer real benefits to their surrounding communities. These are the qualities that mark the companies named in the first Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Energy Leaders list, announced in November, 2017.

Getting to the top of the list means having the right teams in place and the processes that carry a groundbreaking idea from concept through to commercialization. American Diversified Energy (ADE) gives you access to over 150 experts, who can provide assistance on everything from due diligence to advancing new technologies related to all aspects of renewable energy technologies and energy management.

ADE also can provide assistance with feasibility studies, annual reports, securing grants and guaranteed loans, responses to requests for proposals, creation and production of multiple types of business publications, business plans, financial models, financial presentations, business case and market analyses, technology development, engineering assistance, project management, government relations, and lobbying, and more. Feel free to contact or call us at 202-750-0007 for more information.



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