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Concerned Experts, Leaders Gather to Address Global Warming

The Trump Administration’s lack of interest in advancing policies to address climate change has prompted state and local leaders, environmentalists, and others to gather to develop work-arounds and innovations to address global warming.

California Gov. Jerry Brown is hosting a global warming climate conference in San Francisco this week, hoping to, in the words of a September 11 NBC News report, “shift attention away from the stymied national government to regional governments, businesses and individuals worldwide that are pledging to do more to rein in global warming.”

The Global Climate Action Summit has on its agenda matters ranging from expanding oxygen-producing forests to coming up with means of storing wind power and solar power in regions where those natural resources are not consistent day to day.

Thousands of cities and companies have climate plans and short- and long-term goals for lessening reliance on fossil fuels, but scientists have long said that most are far from sufficient, and have been suggesting in the last two years that some have backed off reaching those goals because there’s little interest—and even some roadblocks—from Washington.

Recent research by Data-Driven Yale, which analyzed the climate plans of nearly 6,000 cities, states, and regions, suggest that even with full implementation of the reported city, region, and company commitments would get the U.S. only halfway to the commitment it made under the 2015 Paris climate accord, NBC reported. That commitment was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

“The emissions keep mounting. Global warming is not stopping,” Brown told NBC News. “So we’ve got to do a lot more. And this summit is a way to boost ambition and push the parties to do better.”

There is continuing interest among alternative energy innovators and among investors to address these matters in large ways and somewhat smaller ways.

American Diversified Energy has a great deal of experience in helping connect the two as well as in seeking federal grants for such projects. We have experts in wind and solar power as well as in hydropower and geothermal power, and we can help give a competitive advantage to firms that are seeking financial backing. Feel free to contact us or call (202) 750-0007 for more information.


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