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Life Cycle Analysis Experts for Bioeconomy Technologies

Conducting a “life cycle analysis” – determining the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint and emission profile of a project and its raw material input and product output streams – is becoming increasingly common for companies that are developing new bioeconomy technologies and products.

The benefits of this process go beyond its potential for providing a compelling demonstration of the sustainable-circle-economy, community-health-improving, medical-cost-saving, pollution-slashing, greenhouse-gas-emission-reducing, climate-change-mitigating advantages of a proposed technology or products over existing technologies and projects that rely on fossil fuel use.

These additional benefits include helping companies attract investors, identify additional opportunities for product development, and surface unintended consequences of the processes or alterations being planned. Life cycle analysis experts can help guide individuals and companies through the process.

American Diversified Energy (ADE) has access to more than 100+ independent experts who can assist with all phases of liquid fuel and power production projects, including life cycle analysis experts who can provide guidance on all manner of renewable energy projects, including biomass, bioenergy, power generation, green energy, advanced fossil energy projects to reduce the impacts of using fossil fuels while renewable ramp up.

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