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Renewable Energy Funding Opportunities

A variety of funding opportunities exist for those who are seeking renewable energy funds to bring a bioenergy project or biotechnology into being.

But it can be difficult to identify the correct potential source and to successfully navigate the various, sometimes complicated steps necessary to receive a grant or loan.

American Diversified Energy (ADE) with its team of independent experts, has helped the developers of more than 50 bioenergy projects and processes get the funding necessary to advance their technologies and projects. The projects have ranged in cost and complexity from $5 million to over $500 million. Available renewable energy funding application opportunities include not only the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for projects that meet their specific and very different guidelines, but many other lesser-known options that might be a good fit for a specific endeavor.

ADE keeps abreast of the various and ever-changing array of potential investors and grant and loan guarantee opportunities. For example, Washington State’s Clean Energy Fund program funds a wide mix of projects with grants that support the development, demonstration, and deployment of clean energy technology. It was established in 2013, and the governor and legislature have continued to ensure its perpetuation.

American Diversified Energy (ADE) gives you access to scores of experts who can provide funding assistance on everything from due diligence to feasibility studies and responses to requests for proposals. ADE also can provide assistance with financial presentations, project management, and market analyses. Feel free to call us at 202-750-0007 or contact us for more information.



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