• Anita Manning

The Promise of Cleaner Coal

The promise of cleaner coal is moving ahead with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE is backing research into new technologies that can lead to cleaner, sustainable products using coal, coal wastes and carbon dioxide (CO2) as feedstock.

One project, under way at the University of Kentucky and managed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory, seeks development of cleaner coal-derived liquid fuels that one day can power cars, trucks, tanks, and jets. Researchers report they have advanced the design, construction and operation of a small-scale pilot plant that gasifies coal and coal/biomass blends to form syngas (a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen), then converts that to liquid fuels. The process reduces emissions by removing constituents such as sulfur during the gasification process.

This spring, the DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy announced up to $13 million in federal funding for other R&D projects that will use carbon dioxide or coal as a feedstock, specifically products that can show a positive life-cycle analysis, along with the potential to create marketable products that show advantage over those currently in use.

American Diversified Energy (ADE) has highly qualified experts available to assist with securing grants and guaranteed loans and advancing projects conducting marketing assessments, and advancing technologies and projects related to using coal, coal wastes and CO2 in new, planet-friendly ways. Feel free to contact us or call 202-750-0007 for more information.

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