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Renewable Energy Sustainability

Interest in renewable energy, the pivot point to the transition to greater sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint, has continued to escalate among entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers around the world.

The International Energy Agency is now predicting renewable electricity generation will increase by more than one-third by 2022, the result of increased power generation from existing facilities and technologies plus the anticipated contributions of scores of renewable energy projects—including those that use alternative and renewable fuels and chemicals that are currently in various stages of development.

By 2030 biomass-fueled electricity production alone is projected to triple, to the point that it provides 2 percent of the world’s total electricity generation and 4 percent in Europe, as a result of government policies to promote renewables.

Many involved with these projects come to realize at some point that the complexities of commercializing a renewable energy project, from completing due diligence to gaining approval for loans and grants, often requires the assistance of what are commonly referred to as green energy consultants, renewable energy consultants, or alternative energy consultants.

Such consultants can range from experts who have deep knowledge about and experience with the technical aspects of biogas, solid biomass, or liquid biofuels. And there are also consultants who can assist with grant and loan writing, due diligence, project planning, and all aspects of bringing an alternative energy idea to fruition.

American Diversified Energy (ADE) gives you access to over 150 experts, who can provide assistance on everything from due diligence to advancing new technologies related to all aspects of renewable energy and the bioeconomy. ADE also can provide assistance with feasibility studies, annual reports, securing grants and guaranteed loans, responses to requests for proposals, creation and production of multiple types of business publications, business plans, financial models, financial presentations, business case and market analyses, technology development, engineering assistance, project management, government relations, and lobbying, and more. Feel free to contact or call us at 202-750-0007 for more information.



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