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Use of Anaerobic Digesters is Increasing

A biotechnology approach that just a handful of farmers and ranchers were trying out two decades ago is now being used at more than 250 farming operations across the country.

Dairy, hog, poultry, and beef farmers in scores of states now have in operation 253 anaerobic digesters for manure management, according to AgSTAR, a U.S. Farm Credit System Agricultural Credit Association that delivers farm and rural credit programs and services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

These anaerobic digesters are generating energy (1.08 million MWh equivalent) and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: in 2017, anaerobic digesters on livestock farms reduced GHG emissions by 3.95 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

Experts are predicting that with the continued introduction of even more technologies beyond the various approaches already successfully in use, the number of farmers turning to this approach is certain to grow.

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