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Biomass Innovation: The Forefront of Energy Efficiency

Much attention is being directed these days on various new applications and developments associated with converting biomass into energy and other products. Scientists and entrepreneurs around the world are developing new processes to convert biomass more efficiently and sometimes more cheaply.

In just the last three months, news has emerged about a range of projects and developments in several countries.

Among them: Construction has begun on a new biomass energy generation station in French Guiana that reportedly will contribute significantly to helping the French territory in South America move closer to its renewable energy goals for 2023. Developers of the 5.1 MW biomass power plant plan to begin operating in 2020. It’s one of two biomass power plants that will be providing renewable energy in that nation by 2023; there will also be three solar plants and one hydropower plant.

In New York, researchers at the University of Buffalo are embarking on a study to establish the economic impacts of the Niagara Resource Recovery Facility in New York, which turns solid waste into steam and electricity.

And in early July, a research team that included scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (REL) announced they had discovered a new family of cytochrome P450 enzymes that improve of conversion of lignin (one of the main components of plants) into energy as well as into such materials as bioplastics and chemicals. The specific potential applications are unknown at this time, though the scientists do know that the enzyme can be engineered, and that broadens the potential that this discovery will have wide-ranging implications over time.

Biomass, the organic material that comes from plants and animals, will continue for decades to be a source of innovation in green energy production.

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